Laura LePage Tarlo is the founder of Laura Leigh Designs LLC, an interior design service located in Cohoes, NY. For Laura, the dream of working in interior design has been alive for several years now. However, it was her lifestyle blog The Unique Nest that gave Laura the push she needed to make that dream a reality. Laura noticed the immediate interest in her blog and received several requests from followers seeking design help in their homes. 

After completing a couple of "mini-makeovers" and getting great feedback, Laura decided to expand her vision by offering varying levels of design consultation. Homeowners can opt for a simple design remix or a complete remodel. There is an option that works for all budgets and goals.

Outside of design, Laura works in education as a high school Assistant Principal and is co-owner of Milltown Homes LLC (a joint venture with her brother Anthony). She is the mother of two amazing children and married to her best friend Carmen.