e-Design {Living Room Reimagined}

by Laura LePage Tarlo

Now they we have settled into our new home, I've had time to think about the way I'd like to setup our living room. We currently have a sectional sofa which is great space for seating, but it cuts off the flow of the room and makes our small living room seem even smaller. We decided to wait on built-ins around our fireplace because we couldn't decide what we wanted --- and I'm glad we did!

Here is a photo at what our current living room setup looks like (real photo + layout rendering):

Current Living Room Setup

Current 3-D Rendering(Cramped feeling & lack of flow) 

As you can see, there is certainly not much character or pizazz to this space. The sectional sofa, while comfortable and kid-friendly, cuts off the flow to this already small room and doesn't allow any options for change or movement. I've come up with a couple of alternative looks and from there, the planning and design will begin. 

Here is my ideal living room, which I'll refer to as "Option #1":

OPTION #1: Sofa with 2 Chairs & Built-ins

OPTION #1: Additional Rendering

OPTION #1: Additional Angle of Room

The second layout option I'm not as crazy about, BUT, it does allow me to use my current leather mission-style recliner, and only have to purchase a sofa and maybe ottoman for extra seating. Here is "Option #2":

OPTION #2: Existing Chair & New Ottoman

OPTION #2: Window Angle View...LOVE!!!

OPTION #2: 3-D Rendering

The style choices seen in these renderings aren't accurately reflective of our design selections. We will be using white shiplap background on the fireplace wall, as well as white built-in cabinetry and a bump out on top of the fireplace to hide the TV with doors built-in. But I'll be sharing all of the style elements in a separate upcoming post. 

Wish me luck and I'm ready to get this project going!!! ~ Laura

e-Design {My Modern Moroccan Living Room}

by Laura LePage Tarlo

~Envisioning My Dream Apartment~

A Trip Back in Time...

A couple weeks ago I received an email from a company named Modani (they specialize in modern furniture pieces). They posed a very interesting question to me:

"If you could go back in time to your first apartment, with the style and taste for design you have now, what would it look like?" 

They added one additional challenge to an already difficult question --- I had to use at least one or more of their modern pieces.

Now - I don't know about your first apartment, but I was as broke as broke can be when I had mine. Hand-me-down furniture was the theme of my first space. Nonetheless, I loved the freedom of having it be mine. So to think of an apartment, where I could afford nice "things" and actually define my style, well this was a challenge that I was up to! When I think of apartment life, I think of entertaining because I did so much of that when I was younger. To me, entertaining means people, and people need seating. So I decided to create my vision board around a living room concept.

My Dream Look...

e-Design {A Vision turned Reality}

by Laura LePage Tarlo

A month or so ago, a wonderful family that I met through my sister-in-law, hired me to makeover their very large deck space. This family is young, loves to entertain, and is VERY busy (business owners, parents to 4-year old triplets and a 1 year-old daughter). Their existing deck was not living up to it's full potential and was so large that they were unsure of where to begin.

The owners of this deck live a little over an hour away, so we completed the project partially using my e-Design services. We went back and forth about the layout and selections via email and it worked really well with their busy schedule (no face-to-face meetings were necessary).

The project began with a vision board and 3D rendering which can be seen below...

Here is the BEFORE photo of the deck (from previous e-Design post):

After all of the shipping, shopping and setup was complete, the deck was transformed into a space with three distinct entertaining areas: DINING + CONVERSATION + PLAY. The AFTER photos are laid out as such...

For a full description and more details of this makeover, please visit my blog post on The Unique Nest 


e-Design {Boy's Bedroom Inspiration}

by Laura LePage Tarlo

If the idea of interior design services is a bit intimidating to you, you might want to consider e-Design as a good first step. It's an easy and inexpensive way to get started on projects within your home where you can still do the shopping and put it together on your own, but with the support and ideas of a designer. Think of it as a support system for your design goals :)

Take for example the inspiration board we recently completed for a client. This client has the ability to move forward on her own, but with a complete shopping list and layout plan to make her son's room more functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

For more information on starting your e-Design project, email us at lauraleighdesigns@gmail.com

e-Design {3D Renderings}

by Laura LePage Tarlo in , ,

It's difficult for most of us to envision what a room, kitchen, deck, etc. could look like with a little 'design love'. Often times, it's not enough for someone to verbalize their ideas with you or even to write them down on paper. This is where our 3D renderings come in really handy.

If you have a space that you're not sure what to do with, don't worry! We have a plan...

Simply send in photos of the space that you're looking to change, along with the dimensions any special notes ~ like this one for example...

16' x 36' Trex deck - Family of Six (four young children)

Next - we will contact you for information about your wish list ~ "What are you hoping to accomplish with this space, what is your style like, what is your budget?" From there, we take all of the information and work to create a 3D rendering of what your space could look like if you chose to use the next step in our e-Design services (which would be the vision board/shopping list/instruction guide noted in our recent post Modern Country).

Here is a sample of the rendering we did for this deck makeover...

3D rendering of 16'x36' foot Trex deck

This family's wish list was (from left): Play area for their 4 kids, gathering/seating area, dining/grilling area

For more information on these are other services we offer, visit our services page and feel free to inquire about your personal space by using our contact page. Thanks :)