e-Design {3D Renderings}

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It's difficult for most of us to envision what a room, kitchen, deck, etc. could look like with a little 'design love'. Often times, it's not enough for someone to verbalize their ideas with you or even to write them down on paper. This is where our 3D renderings come in really handy.

If you have a space that you're not sure what to do with, don't worry! We have a plan...

Simply send in photos of the space that you're looking to change, along with the dimensions any special notes ~ like this one for example...

16' x 36' Trex deck - Family of Six (four young children)

Next - we will contact you for information about your wish list ~ "What are you hoping to accomplish with this space, what is your style like, what is your budget?" From there, we take all of the information and work to create a 3D rendering of what your space could look like if you chose to use the next step in our e-Design services (which would be the vision board/shopping list/instruction guide noted in our recent post Modern Country).

Here is a sample of the rendering we did for this deck makeover...

3D rendering of 16'x36' foot Trex deck

This family's wish list was (from left): Play area for their 4 kids, gathering/seating area, dining/grilling area

For more information on these are other services we offer, visit our services page and feel free to inquire about your personal space by using our contact page. Thanks :)

e-Design {Modern Country}

by Laura LePage Tarlo in ,

Over the years, e-Design has become a popular way for designers to service long-distance clients or do-it-yourselfer's that need a little inspiration. Whatever the need, e-Design is a great way to makeover a space without breaking the bank.

Our e-Design services begin with a vision board. The board serves as a canvas (so-to-speak) where we can display our ideas with the client. From there, we will work together with the client on revisions and edits.

Once the client gives final approval for the vision board, we can then move forward with a shopping list. This list comes complete with links to the products shown, pricing and other resources. We will also provide my clients with step-by-step instructions on furniture placement, accessorizing, etc. This design option empowers the client to complete the work on their own, while having the support of a designer in their pocket :)